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Our Smart Academy approach enables any organization to create its very own Smart Corporate Academy...

e-Learning Complete Offerings!

iLearn Main Features

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Training Effectiveness in Your Organization

Through their own means, Learners do not acquire knowledge and skills independently, but Smart Academy allows learners to have access to material customized to meet their needs without the barrier of time and space.

Business Intelligence

A System fully-loaded with Business Intelligence to give you full oversight on Organization-Wide Training

Manage Competencies based on mapped Organization’s Training Framework & Smartly Identify Gaps

Monitor and manage courses, from e-Course, to conventional, to VR & AR

Fully-Loaded BI gages that gives you multiple Dashboard analytics

e-Learning Complete Offering!

  • Training Management System.
  • Learning Management System.
  • Interactive Content Development.
  • Wide range of ready made content.
  • Manage your company training plans.
  • Site & Course Branding.
  • e-Learning Best Practices.
  • Competency Based Training.
  • Multi-Lingual.
  • Cloud/On-Premises.
  • Easy to Deploy.

Leveraging e-learning with Intellect-iLearn!

E-learning has become a popular and effective medium for delivering instruction in medical instruction in the government, education, offence, and defense, financial, medical and corporate sectors.

IT-Corner provides a viable solution for professionals across the industries that are faced with many challenges including:

  • Promoting Self-Directed learning.
  • Providing flexible learning opportunities that would offer (24h/day/7 days a week) availability for learners.
  • Engaging Learners through collaborative learning communities to gain significant learning and augment continuous professional development.


Satisfaction: Employees tend to have positive reaction towards online training, which relates to the intention to take future courses.


Acquisition of knowledge or skills: Employees in organization tend to learn what they need from online training, regardless of their completion of the courses.


Application of the acquired knowledge in the workplace, also known as knowledge transfer: e-learning in a corporate setting can improve job performance.



Broader, organizational Indicators like Increased Sales, improved quality, higher productivity and reduced costs.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Provide Personal and Professional Development Opportunities for your Human Resources

Our Smart Learning approach enables any organization to create its very own Virtual Corporate Academy:
  • Develop Training Programs using our industry specific learning model to enhance competences.
For each job, each competence has specific definition and key performance indicators that describe the expected behaviors:
  • Our courses focus on those indicators.
  • Include topic related content and exercises.
  • Online Interaction can potentially enhance the effectiveness of courses delivered in organizations in different ways and at different levels.






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